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FXD have been helping the local residents of Sydney's inner west with leaking taps for over 5 years. If you have an issue with a leaking tap in your home, then reach out to speak to one of our experts. 

FXD Plumber installing new taps for a dishwasher installation in Glebe.

Leaking Taps

Leaking Tap Repair Experts
Sydney Inner West

FXD have been helping the local residents of Sydney's inner west with leaking taps​ for over 5 years. If you have an issue with a leaking tap in your home, then reach out to speak to one of our experts. 

Leaking taps can cause massive amounts of water to be wasted and unnecessarily increase your water bills, so if you notice a leaking tap the best thing to do is contact a professional plumber straight away. 

Leaking Tap Repairs

Leaking taps are a common problem in Sydney. Tap leaks can be caused by a number of things. Some of them are within your control but others are not. 

Leaking taps can be caused by food or other waste making its way into the drain, but can also be caused by a number of other things. 

One of the most common cause of severely or consistently leaking taps is tree roots making their way into your pipes. If this is the case you will need to speak with an expert plumber to find out the best options for repair. 

How to fix leaking taps?

Depeding on what is actually causing the leakage we can approach a leaking tap repair a couple of different ways. 

First, we will inspect the tap and fittings for any obvious damage or faults. After that, we will begin to take the tap apart to find what the cause of the leak is. More often than not, the issue is with the seals or rubbers which is common. Tap seals and rubbers deteriorate over time and naturally need to be replaced. 

FXD stock a wide range of parts to fix leaking taps, so you can be sure that when you call us out, we will have the right parts with us, or will be able to pick them up from one of our local Sydney plumbing suppliers. 

Once we have replaced the faulty parts, you tap will have stopped leaking and you can be sure that you are not wasting money and water. 


Our Process

Let FXD Help With Your Leaking Taps

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Inspection and Quotation

If you need help with a leaking tap, call or email us and we will arrange a time to meet with you on site, try to find out more about the problem and provide you with an quote to get fixed for good.

Appointment Booking

If you would like to proceed with the job, we will arrange a time that's convenient for you for the works the be carried out. If you need to get your leaking taps fixed out outside of business hours or need emergency leak repair then we are here to help.

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Job Completion

Once we have fixed your leaking tap we will explain to you the possible reasons that it happened in the first place and provide you with some advice on how to ensure your taps remain leak free in the future.

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After Sales Support

If you need anything after we have finsihed, you are more than welcome to reach out to us. If you have any questions about leaking taps or any other plumbing problem, then our team of plumbing experts will be there to help.


Get in Touch

If you have a leaking tap, or any other plumbing issue then we are here to help! Feel free to reach out to our friendly team by phone or email and we will organise a time to visit your home at provide you with a free quote. 


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What is a silent toilet leak?

A silent leak is probably something that you have no idea is there or will ever realise, as it is silent and you cannot see it as the water is clear.

A silent leak can be caused by one of two things:

One could be a faulty outlet valve allowing a small amount of water to pass under the base washer and down through your flush pipe and into your toilet bowl.

The second could be a faulty inlet valve. A faulty inlet valve can be over filling your toilet cistern and allowing water to pass over into the overflow pipe in your cistern. This then drains into your toilet bowl causing a silent leak. Your inlet valve will then keep on filling up and continuing to leak.

A simple test to find if you have a silent leak is to turn off the water supply to your cistern at night, and if in the morning you don’t have any water in your cistern you have found yourself with a silent leak.

To find out more contact Scott at FXD Plumbing Sydney Inner West or Call Now on 0428 795 498.

How do you change a washer on a tap Australia?

Changing a tap washer is a simple and easy task. Below is a simple 10 step instruction on how to do just that:

Tool Check List

– Multigrips

– Long nose pliers

– Flat-head and Philips-head screw driver

– Shifter

– Allen keys

– Bucket


Materials check list

– 2x 1/2’ tap washers

– 2x 8mm o-rings

– Tap grease


1. Fill bucket 1/4 full with warm water and detergent (used to clean the tap later on)

2.       Turn off water supply at water meter or under sink or basin at mini stop valves. (This isolates the water so you can pull them apart without making a big mess!)

3.       Turn the taps on to drain the water and remove tap handles and cover domes. These generally screw off. (Draining the remaining pressure out of the taps also prevents a big mess!)

4.       Removed spindles with a shifter (Put the shifter on the heaxangle shape at base of spinal using and turn counter-clockwise).

5.       Remove old tap washer and dispose of.

6. Pull apart spindle (Unscrew centre spindle housing and remove o-ring from centre spindle. Then was the centre spindle to remove dirt build-up).

7. Install new o-ring to centre spinal and apply grease around o-ring (this allows the spindle to seal and makes it smoother to turn on and off).

8.       Screw centre spinal back to spinal housing. Once screwed back together install new 1/2’ tap washer.

9.       Re-install spinal with tap washer installed back to basin or sink. Make sure you tighten clockwise to prevent leaks. Refit cover dome and tap handle to spindle. Turn taps into off position.

10.   Turn water back on where you originally turned it off.

Now test out your new handy work for correct tap operation.


To find out more contact Scott at FXD Plumbing Sydney Inner West or Call Now on 0428 795 498.


How do I fix a leaking mixer tap?

Leaking mixer taps look as though they are more complicated than your average hot and cold water taps.

Mixer taps are designed to look nice and not serviceable. But rest assured, you just need to know how to fix it. Often when you purchase your new mixer tap, it will come with instructions on how to pull apart the tap. Mixer taps have a ceramic cartridge that controls the supply to turn on and off. It’s either 35mm or 40mm in diameter.

If you still have the instructions from your tap when you bought it, simply follow the steps to access the cartridge. Make sure you isolate the water before you attempt to pull the mixer tap apart. Purchase a new cartridge and simply change it and put the tap back together. Turn the water back on and check to see if you have repaired your leaking mixer tap.

If you cannot repair the leak, contact your local plumber for further assistance with your leaking mixer tap.

To find out more contact Scott at FXD Plumbing Sydney Inner West or Call Now on 0428 795 498.

What causes a leaky tap?

A dripping tap in your home can be annoying and can cost you lots of money over the years. Fixing these leaking taps can save you money and lots of frustration.

Taps are made from either rubber or ceramic. These parts over time wear out and fail, which causes the tap to leak. Think about how many times a day, a week or even a year you turn your taps on. They wear out, nothing lasts forever. Changing these parts when servicing the tap will eliminate the leaks.

Another contributor that causes a leaking tap is a crack or indentation on the valve seat. When the tap is turned off and the water meets the valve seat, a crack or indentation means the seat cannot do its job and stop the water. The water creeps into the indentation or crack between the washer and the valve seat causing it to leak.

In some cases, if you have a mixer tap and it is leaking, the ceramic disc cartridge may be worn out.

Another factor that contributes to leaking taps and mixer taps is water pressure exceeding 500kpa. The higher the water pressure, the more pressure it puts on your taps. This in turn speeds up the failure of these ceramic and rubber parts.

To find out more contact Scott at FXD Plumbing Sydney Inner West or Call Now on 0428 795 498.