Will a toilet unclog itself?

Blocked toilets are a common occurrence within your household, it’s safe to say you will come across a couple of these issues a few times in your lifetime.

As you stare down at the water rising to the top of the bowl and plead and pray that the toilet water level will subside before making quite a mess on the floor, you start to wonder why and what are the causes of clogged toilets? Well the answers are staring at you rising up the toilet bowl just waiting to overflow onto the bathroom floor and create a mess that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy (or would you?)

STOP FLUSHING THE CISTERN is the very first thing you should do!

Toilets are like every other drain in your house and work by gravity, having a full toilet bowl water exerts it’s own pressure on the clogged toilet and yes will sometimes clear the clogged toilet for you. If you have another toilet within your place and time on your hands, leave the toilet full retreat out of the bathroom and lock the door to make sure nobody uses the toilet or bathroom ( it can get quite smelly). Leave overnight until the morning, and the clogged toilet may have unclogged itself. Now all you will have to do is the clean the bowl and flush away the remnants of the debacle you found yourself in the day before.

Things to avoid before this nightmare happens again would be to go easy on the toilet paper and, if unavoidable, flush before sitting down and adding more.

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