How do you stop a trickling toilet?

A trickling toilet leak can keep you up at night, cost you lots of money in extra water bills and if left for long enough stain the inside of your toilet.

Luckily enough there are simple ways to stop a trickling toilet.

A trickling toilet is caused by either the inlet or outlet valve. Both of these valves control the water in your cistern. Inlet valves control water coming into your cistern and the height at which it fills up to. The outlet valve controls the water leaving the cistern once you flush it.

When you pull the cistern lid off and find that water level is too high in the cistern, you can adjust the height of the inlet valve. On the more modern inlet valves, there will be a cross head screw control that you can wind in or out that will adjust the water level. On the older style, it is a matter of bending the float valve arm down so that the water will then shut off at a lower height. Sometimes replacing the inlet valve is the easiest way.

A simple change of this washer is all you need to eliminate the trickling water.

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