How do you change a washer on a tap Australia?

Changing a tap washer is a simple and easy task. Below is a simple 10 step instruction on how to do just that:

Tool Check List

– Multigrips

– Long nose pliers

– Flat-head and Philips-head screw driver

– Shifter

– Allen keys

– Bucket


Materials check list

– 2x 1/2’ tap washers

– 2x 8mm o-rings

– Tap grease


1. Fill bucket 1/4 full with warm water and detergent (used to clean the tap later on)

2.       Turn off water supply at water meter or under sink or basin at mini stop valves. (This isolates the water so you can pull them apart without making a big mess!)

3.       Turn the taps on to drain the water and remove tap handles and cover domes. These generally screw off. (Draining the remaining pressure out of the taps also prevents a big mess!)

4.       Removed spindles with a shifter (Put the shifter on the heaxangle shape at base of spinal using and turn counter-clockwise).

5.       Remove old tap washer and dispose of.

6. Pull apart spindle (Unscrew centre spindle housing and remove o-ring from centre spindle. Then was the centre spindle to remove dirt build-up).

7. Install new o-ring to centre spinal and apply grease around o-ring (this allows the spindle to seal and makes it smoother to turn on and off).

8.       Screw centre spinal back to spinal housing. Once screwed back together install new 1/2’ tap washer.

9.       Re-install spinal with tap washer installed back to basin or sink. Make sure you tighten clockwise to prevent leaks. Refit cover dome and tap handle to spindle. Turn taps into off position.

10.   Turn water back on where you originally turned it off.

Now test out your new handy work for correct tap operation.


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