How do u unclog a toilet without a plunger?

If you have a blocked toilet but don’t have a plunger handy, there some simple ways that you can unblock your toilet.

Go into the kitchen and pull out the dishwashing liquid. Simply pour a generous amount of dishwashing liquid down the toilet. The liquid is heavier than water and will make its way down the base of the outlet and sit on top of the blockage. Over an extended period of time, the dishwashing liquid will work its way through the blockage to be pushed through.

If the dishwashing liquid alone doesn’t help, simply add some hot water (not boiling water) to the pan to help move the blockage along the hot water will help dissolve the blockage. Boiling water will crack the cold porcelain, so try to avoid that.

If none of the above is working, go to your wardrobe and find a wire clothing hanger (preferably one with a plastic coating so that the wire doesn’t mark your toilet). Simply pull the clothes hanger apart so that it straight and insert it into the bottom of the toilet. Wiggle and jiggle it around until you unblock the toilet. The wire will break down the blockage, allowing the water to pass through.

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