How do I fix a leaking mixer tap?

Leaking mixer taps look as though they are more complicated than your average hot and cold water taps.

Mixer taps are designed to look nice and not serviceable. But rest assured, you just need to know how to fix it. Often when you purchase your new mixer tap, it will come with instructions on how to pull apart the tap. Mixer taps have a ceramic cartridge that controls the supply to turn on and off. It’s either 35mm or 40mm in diameter.

If you still have the instructions from your tap when you bought it, simply follow the steps to access the cartridge. Make sure you isolate the water before you attempt to pull the mixer tap apart. Purchase a new cartridge and simply change it and put the tap back together. Turn the water back on and check to see if you have repaired your leaking mixer tap.

If you cannot repair the leak, contact your local plumber for further assistance with your leaking mixer tap.

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