How do I drain the pipes in my house?

Draining the pipes in your house are done when you need to fix a water hammer problem, shut down seasonal property for the winter and make major plumbing repairs. To drain the pipes, follow these simple steps:

1.      First, shut off the main water valve at the water metre.

2.      Starting at the top floor of your house, open all the sink faucets. Doing so will allow air into the system to help the flow of the water.

3.      Go to the lowest level of your home and open the faucet in the laundry tub or lowest sink. This will let all the water from the above floors drain.

4.      Return to the highest level in the home and open the tub and shower faucets.

5.      Flush all toilets which will empty the tanks.

6.      If you are leaving the property unattended (such as closing for the winter), leave the faucets in an open position.

7.      If done correctly, there should be no water coming out of any faucet, except possibly a small drip.

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