How do I completely clear a blocked drain?

There are a few ways you can completely clear your drain, whether it be your kitchen/laundry sink, shower floor waste, basin/vanity waste, or bathroom floor waste. Of course, the easiest and most efficient way is to call a licensed plumber. They are equipped with all the specific blocked drain tools to efficiently clear your drains. Sometimes you can have a go yourself and save some money in the process.

You may need to visit your local hardware store to purchase some tools, but there is nothing like the self-satisfaction feeling of solving a problem yourself.

Blocked drains and sinks can sometimes be unclogged using a simple hand plunger that you will find at your local hardware or possibly supermarket. To unclog a drain, simply place the plunger over the waste outlet and continue to push down and lift up until you feel like the drain is clear. This will create a vacuum seal and provide pressure within the clogged pipes, and with the pushing and pulling action hopefully move the blockage and move it along the drain.

You could also purchase Draino from your supermarket and pour that down your sink. This is a special chemical that reacts with water and can potentially burn away the blockage to relieve the drain.

If all of these handy tips fail, you may need to call a qualified plumber as they will be able have your drained unclogged in no time. They will be able to provide you with the cause and remedy to prevent it happening again.

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