Tell Tail signs of a blocked drain

Gurgling sound from sinks, showers or toilets

A common early warning of a blocked drain is a gurgling sound. This sound is caused by the pipe starting to fill up further down the line, or filling up and getting away really slowly. This means a complete blockage is only a couple flushes away.

Water fills up and slowly drains away in toilet bowl

This is a very common problem, and one we hear a lot from our clients. This is very similar to gurgling mentioned above, where the pipes are filling up. However, this is a partial blockage. The drain is only allowing a small amount of the flush to get away, thus backing up in the toilet bowl. Another reason could also be the excessive use of toilet paper getting stuck in the trap of the toilet bowl. In both cases, you are best off calling a licensed plumber when dealing with a blocked drain.

Bad smells outside house and in gardens, near drainpipes

When you walk outside and you can smell sewer, this isn’t normal. A vent pipe installed on your sewer system prevents this from happening. The bad smell you are experiencing is most likely caused by overflowing sewer somewhere in your garden or sometimes a broken pipe, both of which need urgent attention.

Overflowing sewer out of drains

As mentioned above, overflowing sewer should be attended by a licensed plumber urgently. The overflowing doesn’t mean your sewer system is broken, your sewer system/design is doing its job. The open drains are installed for that reason so that they overflow outside of your house and not inside.

The Next Steps

If any of the above points are occurring at your place, call us straightaway. At FXD Plumbing Solutions we will come out, inspect your sewer, quote you a price to clear your blockage, send a camera down to observe what is causing your blockage and then provide you on what options you have to repair or prevent it from happening again. We also want you to be informed on what is causing the problem, and what better way is there then actually showing you? Communicating and understanding is so important for us to provide you, the last thing we want is you not understanding. If we are talking too fast, ask us to slow down! If we are talking to much in plumbing terms, we will simplify it for you. We want all of our clients on the same page! 

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